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Magic Woods Pony Parties

Frequently asked Questions

Why choose Magic Woods Pony Parties?>

Magic Woods Pony Parties is dedicated to presenting exceptional services for every client. Our packages are suggestions. If you have special wishes let us know, as we are always eager to make your personal dreams come true.

My education (Master of Education, PhD of Veterinary Medicine) is the key to an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. My guests are not “only” enjoying the time with our horses, but will also profit from my profound knowledge about animals. In a relaxed and joyful way, you and your children will learn about horses, their handling, and their needs.

What happens if it rains?>

We will still party!

For parties on our farm, we will be inside our beautiful decorated and big enough barn, surrounded by our ponies and donkey. For the pony rides, we kindly ask that you have your children dress appropriately and take some extra clothes for the trip home.

What are the benefits of two or more ponies?>

The birthday girl or boy can ride more often, while still sharing with the other children.
Kids who are a little bit afraid at first, might find courage by riding next to their friend. And they can choose their favorite pony what might as well help them.
And most important: we can accommodate children of different ages with 4 different horse sizes.

How big a yard do I need to have a pony party at my house?>

All we need is a safe place to park and unload the ponies. Even in small yards, driveways, or parking lots our ponies are ready for the rides!

Please be aware that ponies might leave some hoof prints in the grass, especially after rain.

Are there any rules or safety informations?>

Our biggest goal is to make your event an unforgettable and unique experience. To make sure that it will also be safe for all guests and horses we had to set up some rules. Please ask us for more information if you have any other concerns.

Safety rules for the pony rides:

  • Our ponies are professionally trained and healthy.
  • We hand-walk them at all time, and parents are always welcome to walk along with their child.
    • Children 3 and younger need a parent to walk next to them, holding onto them while riding.
  • Please be prepared to have at least one adult available to supervise other guests while rides are taking place.
    • Please help us keeping an eye on the children. We are busy handling the ponies, helping mount and dismount, and watching the kids while riding. While hand-leading a pony, our focuses are and should be on the riding kids.
  • While being around horses it is important to wear close-toed shoes.
    • No bare-feet is allowed near ponies! This rule applies as well to adults if we bring our bigger horses (15hh or higher).
  • Helmets of assorted sizes will be provided.

Additional things to think about for parties at your venue:

  • Before arriving, we will make sure that you can provide a safe parking and venue.
    • All we need is a safe place to park and unload the ponies. Even in small yards, driveways, or parking lots our ponies are ready for the rides!
  • Please keep other domesticated animals like dogs away from the pony activities.
    • Our horses are used to dogs but not every dog is used to horses. Don’t forget that horses are flight animals and can react accordingly.
  • We might ask you to refrain the guests from using certain toys like trampolines close to the pony rides.
    • Please explain your children that jumping on trampolines, playing ball, bursting balloons, and swinging close by to the ponies might frighten them and should be avoided.
  • We will take care of all cleanup after the ponies, leaving you with only magic memories.
    • But please be aware that ponies might leave some hoof prints in the grass, especially after rain.

Additional precautions for the parties on our farm:

  • Before the rides start, our horses are in their stalls. It is not allowed to enter or open a stall.
  • Don’t reach through the bars. Moving their head abruptly the horses could hurt your arm.
  • Our farm is 26 acres of pastures and woods. While there is no public traffic, there are other things to be aware of, like ponds, creeks, and of course an undisturbed wildlife. Please keep your children close to the barn.

Safety rules for our horses:

  • Rider weight limit for our small ponies (up to 10 hands) is 60lbs maximum. Weight limit for Abilene (15 hands) is 150lbs. Please choose the ponies accordingly!
  • Please do not feed the horses without our permission. We will have horse treats ready for the kids to feed them after riding.
  • We expect all guests to treat our ponies with the respect they deserve.

All of our rules are set to keep you, your guests, and our ponies safe!

How do i pay?>

Payment is easy at Magic Woods Pony Parties.

An advance deposit of $50 is required to confirm any parties or event reservations. The deposit is non-refundable. Bookings will be confirmed when deposit is received.

Two pony package requires a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice for staffing purposes.

We accept multiple forms of payment:

  • cash
  • credit cards
  • debit cards
  • Venmo (@magicwoodspp)
  • PayPal (@magicwoodspp)

We apologize for any inconvenience but we do not accept personal checks.

The balance is due in full on or before the date of your event.

As soon as the payment of the balance has been received, the fun can begin. We charge 4% card processing fee for any payment with debit or credit card.

Thank you for choosing Magic Woods Pony Parties. We look forward to making your next party a great success.

Can I hire for my school, community, or business?>

We would love for you to consider us for your bigger events, private or public!

We do not collect money for individual rides, but will charge you an hourly flat rate. This gives you the opportunity to charge how you like for the rides

Ponies and unicorns are a magic addition to your event and will help you attract more people!

Please call us to discuss the details.